Sapes S.p.A.

Since 1933 we started being highly specialized in cold forging and hot forging (this latter one by means of electric-upsetting operation) of components with special steel grade for the automotive, the construction machinery and the agricultural vehicle production.

In 1994, in completing our forging production lines we have added a mechanical machining department as well as a heat-treatment section.

Today in the facility of Storo as well as in the new plant in Condino our main production lines are the following:

  • cold forged parts: steering components (tie rods and ball pins) and valve push-rods;
  • hot forged parts: yokes, cardan joints, transmission shafts, input shafts, axle shafts with and without flange;
  • semi-machined hot forged parts: transmission shafts, input shafts, sun gears, yokes;
  • completely machined hot forged parts: transmission shafts, axle shafts with and without flange, components for track adjusters (hydraulic cylinders, pistons and rods).

We are certainly in a position to evaluate special components according to customers designs.

Our company is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 specifications and complies with the rules of ISO/TS 16949.

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