Production area

  • Cold forging section


  • Transport vehicles
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Earth moving equipment

Function and criticality

This component has the task to operate the valve opening on the large cylinder diesel engines. On the automotive engines it has been replaced by the shifting of the camshaft on the engine head, however until nowadays the system of which it is part results more reliable and is, therefore, preferred on engines which require more extended intervals between different maintenance jobs as on the above listed engines.


Major producers like FPT Industrial, Liebherr, Deutz, VM Motori and MAN.


The technology developed by Sapes is the cold extrusion of a sole steel bar, whereas all the other European manufacturers are still using the system of joining the end parts by means of welding. The process used by Sapes offers lower production costs and moreover avoids the criticality regarding the integrity of the joined component.