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Effective tools to increase the performance

The problem of sexual dysfunction today concerns almost every fifth man. The causes of this problem can be many. This can include non-compliance with a healthy lifestyle, pathologicaling heredity, fatigue, stress, eating disorders, poor ecology, etc., regardless of the cause of the violations of the function, the man must understand that today’s problem can be solved with modern special drugs. These drugs can be used for both integrated treatment of jerektil’ dysfunction and for the one-time rebuilding of the men’s force.

The most striking example is the Viagra drug. The main substance of the drug is sildenafil. It contributes to the enhancement of the nitrogen oxide effect on the isolated corpus cavernosum of the human body. For g = 4estestvennoe sexual arousal.

The site can be used to familiarize yourself with the mechanism of the drug, as well as the recommendations of the specialists regarding its application. It is worth noting that the viagra sales is recommended only if there is a problem of failure to achieve and retain the erection of the penis necessary for a full sexual act. The active activity of this drug begins approximately one hour after it is received. You can take this tool to restore a function every day. It does not cause addiction or dependency. However, it should be known that the maximum permissible daily dose is not more than 100 mg.

cialis prescription is not the only effective means of restoring masculinity. This sexual disorder can also be recovered through shock-wave therapy. This technology, which you can learn more about on the site, is a new way to treat impotence. To conduct this procedure, you use a special drug that generates shock waves that are sent to a specific area of the penis. This method of treatment cannot be used at home. The ESWT should only be conducted under the supervision of a qualified doctor. The use of this recovery method can be demonstrated by the existing neoplasms in the scrotum projection and the skin of the penis. It is not possible to use this mode of treatment if you have prostate cancer.